250 Greatest Music Videos of All Time

2023 UPDATE: This list of the 250 greatest music videos of all time is ranked through a combination of various different factors. Those include appearances on a critics’ or fans’ list, for winning or being nominated for awards, and for achieving a certain number of views on YouTube. Learn more about the methodology at this link.

# 250


Artist: M.I.A.

From the moment the screen flickers to life, M.I.A. and a sea of asylum-seekers are seen scaling barbed wire fences, crammed onto rickety boats, and trudging through murky waters.

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# 249

High by the Beach

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Set in a luxurious beachside abode, our sultry songstress takes us on a dreamy journey, complete with sweeping ocean views and sun-drenched interiors.

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# 248


Artist: The Blaze

The music video for “Territory” by The Blaze is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece.

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# 247


Artist: Bicep

The video paints a vivid picture of a rave culture filled with hypnotic dances, vibrant colors and captivating human connections.

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# 246

Want You Back

Artist: Haim

In the delightfully quirky music video for Want You Back by Haim, we witness an effortlessly cool trio of sisters strutting their stuff down the streets of LA.

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# 245

A$AP Forever

Artist: A$AP Rocky

This masterpiece showcases A$AP Rocky’s unparalleled style and artistic prowess, as he navigates through a cityscape that seems to bend and warp with every beat.

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# 244


Artist: Vince Staples

With flashy visuals and a satirical take on the typical music video tropes, Staples invites us into his world while poking fun at the expectations of the genre.

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# 243

Whack World

Artist: Tierra Whack

This 15-minute masterpiece showcases the artist’s one-of-a-kind creativity, as it takes viewers on a bizarre journey through a series of 1-minute vignettes, each corresponding to a different track on her groundbreaking album.

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# 242

Dead End Street

Artist: The Kinks

Set against a bleak, monochromatic backdrop, the video showcases The Kinks navigating their way through dilapidated surroundings while dressed as undertakers, symbolizing the somber undertones of the song

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# 241

Lose Yourself

Artist: Eminem

Directed by Eminem himself, alongside Philip G. Atwell, the video skillfully interweaves scenes from the critically acclaimed movie ”

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# 240

Love the Way You Lie

Artist: Eminem

In the sizzling and emotionally charged music video for “Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem and Rihanna take us on a rollercoaster ride through the turbulent world of a toxic relationship.

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# 239

Bad Girls

Artist: M.I.A.

The music video for Bad Girls by M.I.A. is a visually striking and culturally rich production that showcases the artist’s unique blend of music, fashion, and political activism.

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# 238

Need You Tonight / Mediate

Artist: INXS

The video was directed by Richard Lowenstein, who gave it a gritty, edgy feel that helped to make it stand out.

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# 237

Rolling in the Deep

Artist: Adele

From a mysterious dancer gracefully expressing her pain through movement, to a room filled with rhythmic vibrations from hundreds of water-filled glasses, Adele’s anguish is palpable.

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# 236

Gangsta’s Paradise

Artist: Coolio

The juxtaposition of Coolio’s introspective performance with scenes of violence and despair serves to emphasize the complex layers of vulnerability and strength that define the “gangsta” persona.

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# 235

Good Vibrations

Artist: The Beach Boys

With its kaleidoscopic visuals, bell-bottomed outfits, and the band’s legendary harmonies, the video transports viewers back to a time of peace, love, and good vibrations.

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# 234

Don’t Let Me Down

Artist: The Beatles

This historic moment is an unforgettable testament to The Beatles’ timeless appeal and unyielding impact on popular culture.

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# 233

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Artist: Devo

The video showcases the band’s unique style and aesthetic, featuring their signature futuristic costumes, angular movements, and a stark, minimalistic set design.

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# 232

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Artist: Michael Jackson

“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is a great music video that is filled with energy and creativity. The choreography, visuals, and music all combine to create a powerful piece that is sure to stay in viewers’ minds for a long time.

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# 231


Artist: Joy Division

The music video for the track, released in 1988, is a fitting accompaniment to the song, with its use of black and white footage, and the overall bleakness of the imagery.

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# 230

Gimmie All Your Lovin’

Artist: ZZ Top

The video is set in a nightclub and features ZZ Top performing the song onstage. The band is seen wearing their iconic sunglasses and Stetson hats. The video also features a number of female dancers and models wearing skimpy outfits, adding to the overall energy of the video.

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# 229


Artist: Van Halen

With its uplifting lyrics and melodic guitar riffs, ‘Jump’ was an instant hit and the music video was just as memorable.

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# 228

I Want to Break Free

Artist: Queen

he four members of the band don hilariously over-the-top drag outfits, with Freddie Mercury stealing the show as the sultry housewife. From vacuuming the living room to dancing with a troupe of ballet dancers, the band members pull out all the stops to convey their desire to break free from societal norms and expectations.

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# 227

We’re Not Gonna Take It

Artist: Twisted Sister

The music video for Twisted Sister’s 1984 hit single “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is downright cool.

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# 226

Running Up That Hill

Artist: Kate Bush

As the pulsating beat drives the narrative forward, we see the iconic Kate Bush dancing her way through a kaleidoscope of striking visuals, effortlessly blending the lines between reality and fantasy.

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# 225

Never Gonna Give You Up

Artist: Rick Astley

The video, a quintessential ’80s gem, features classic visuals of Astley in various settings, from a warehouse to a rooftop. The infectious chorus, paired with his irresistible charm and charisma, has made this masterpiece an unforgettable anthem for both love and internet pranksters alike.

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# 224

Sweet Child o’ Mine

Artist: Guns N’ Roses

The video for Sweet Child O’ Mine features some of the band’s most iconic images, such as Rose’s black hat, Slash’s top hat and Duff’s tattoos.

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# 223


Artist: The Cure

Set in a surreal, dreamlike world, the video follows frontman Robert Smith as he navigates through a labyrinth of cobwebs and sinister shadows.

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# 222


Artist: Pearl Jam

The “Jeremy” video was nominated for several awards and it is widely regarded as one of the most controversial music videos of all time.

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# 221

Mama Said Knock You Out

Artist: LL Cool J

The video perfectly captures LL Cool J’s determination to prove all his haters wrong.

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# 220

Remember the Time

Artist: Michael Jackson

The 1992 Remember the Time music video was a tribute to the King of Pop’s past, with a number of references to his childhood and career. It featured an all-star cast, including Magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy.

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# 219

Insane in the Brain

Artist: Cypress Hill

This visual extravaganza transports viewers into a zany world of oversized skulls, floating eyeballs, and luminous animations that pulsate in perfect synchrony with the iconic beats.

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# 218


Artist: Bjork

Featuring Björk in a serene, dream-like landscape, the video utilizes a blend of live action and stop-motion animation, creating a mesmerizing and otherworldly atmosphere.

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# 217

Ready or Not

Artist: Fugees

This captivating video showcases the trio’s powerful lyrics, soulful harmonies, and infectious beats as they deliver a message of resilience and determination.

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# 216

Amish Paradise

Artist: “Weird Al” Yankovic

The video features an array of peculiar Amish activities like churning butter, raising barns, and even a scene of Yankovic plowing the fields with his homies. As the video unfolds, viewers are treated to a hilarious montage of Amish life, complete with old-school fashion and bizarre dance moves.

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# 215


Artist: Beastie Boys

Set in a futuristic metropolis, the video showcases the Beastie Boys’ trademark quirky style and energetic performance as they emerge from a subway station in robot suits, engaging in an epic battle with a giant octopus-like creature.

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# 214

No Surprises

Artist: Radiohead

The video showcases lead singer Thom Yorke, encased within a gradually filling water chamber, singing the melancholic tune with an eerie calmness. As the water level rises, Yorke continues his stoic performance, seemingly unfazed by the impending submersion.

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# 213

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Artist: Shania Twain

With its engaging visuals, energetic choreography, and Twain’s undeniable charisma, the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” music video remains a beloved and influential piece of pop culture history.

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# 212

Big Pimpin’

Artist: Jay-Z

In the ever-stylish realm of hip-hop, few music videos can hold a candle to the opulent extravaganza that is “Big Pimpin’.”

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# 211

Pyramid Song

Artist: Radiohead

In true Radiohead fashion, the video leaves us pondering the mysteries of existence, as our hero transcends the watery depths and soars towards the celestial heavens.

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# 210

Rollout (My Business)

Artist: Ludacris

As the music pulses and the performers groove, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where business and pleasure harmoniously coexist.

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# 209

Clint Eastwood

Artist: Gorillaz

The catchy tune, accompanied by the memorable chorus, “I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag,” is contrasted by the eerie backdrop of eerie graveyard scenes, zombie gorilla invasions, and an omnipresent, sinister spirit.

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# 208

Seven Nation Army

Artist: The White Stripes

The video plunges us into a world of black, white, and red, as we follow the iconic duo, Jack and Meg White, on a surreal journey through a seemingly endless tunnel of triangles.

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# 207

All Caps

Artist: Madvillain

Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride through the realm of Madvillainy, where the beats are infectious, the rhymes are razor-sharp, and the visuals are as eye-popping as the ALL CAPS title suggests.

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# 206

Good Morning

Artist: Kanye West

In the vibrant music video for “Good Morning” by Kanye West, we embark on a whimsical journey alongside our animated protagonist, Dropout Bear.

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# 205


Artist: Lil Wayne

With its catchy hook and provocative imagery, Lollipop’s music video is a delightful sensory overload that leaves you craving for more.

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# 204

Welcome to the Black Parade

Artist: My Chemical Romance

The video expertly blends theatrics, symbolism, and storytelling, giving viewers a front row seat to the band’s extravagant emo-rock parade.

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# 203

Never Catch Me

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Never Catch Me’s powerful imagery and moving choreography highlight the fleeting nature of life, and the way in which death can both unite and divide us.

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# 202

Side to Side

Artist: Ariana Grande

In the uber-stylish music video for “Side to Side,” pop powerhouse Ariana Grande and rap queen Nicki Minaj team up to deliver a sultry, sassy, and sweat-inducing performance.

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# 201


Artist: Frank Ocean

In a visual kaleidoscope of charisma and eccentricity, Frank Ocean’s music video for “Nikes” leaves viewers entranced in a witty world of his own creation.

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