Run-D.M.C. Aerosmith 1986

Walk This Way places Aerosmith and Run-D.M.C. in a musical duel in neighboring studios before Tyler literally breaks through the wall that separates them. The video then segues to the bands' joint performance on stage. The highly popular video was the first rap hybrid video ever played in heavy rotation on MTV and is regarded as a classic of the medium.

8.33/106 ratings

Aerosmith 1994

Crazy stars Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler as schoolgirls who skip class and run away, driving off in a black Ford Mustang convertible. The video is noteworthy for its very risque and suggestive sexual scenes.

6.5/104 ratings

Aerosmith 2001

The video for the song, directed by Joseph Kahn, was very futuristic and high-tech. The video also stars the actress Jessica Biel and Steven Tyler's youngest daughter Chelsea portraying Steven as a child.

4.33/103 ratings

Aerosmith 1997

Pink was shot in a studio. The video used CGI to morph characters' faces to other bodies. A variety of random characters mixed in with band members towards the camera, morphing into different characters in the process. The uncensored version caused minor controversy and MTV asked Nichol to censor the video for daytime airings.

5.75/104 ratings

Aerosmith 1994

Cryin' features the first appearance of Alicia Silverstone in the band's videos. The song flashes back and forth between the band and Silvertone, who plays a teen who has a falling out with her boyfriend (played by Stephen Dorff) after catching him cheating.

8.2/105 ratings

Aerosmith 1993

Livin' On The Edge is notable for several things, including depicting vandalism, theft, and violence among school-aged youth, cross-dressing by educators, a naked Steven Tyler holding a zipper by his crotch with half his body painted black, and lead guitarist Joe Perry playing a lead guitar solo in front of an oncoming train. The video was praised for its groundbreaking theatrical scenes and special effects.

5.75/104 ratings

Aerosmith 1989

Janie's Got a Gun was very groundbreaking at the time, featuring gruesome realistic scenes that would later be the basis for many videos of the 1990s. The theme of the song often goes over many listeners' heads, but the video makes the story of incest and retribution explicit.

4/103 ratings