Lady Gaga Ariana Grande 2020

Rain on Me features Gaga and Grande in latex suits in a futuristic setting with a troupe of dancers inside a giant arena during a rainstorm.

8.25/108 ratings

Ariana Grande 2018

During work on Grande's music video for her song Breathin, director Hannah Lux Davis listened to a demo for thank u, next, in which she praised the song. Because of this, both Davis and Grande started coming up with concepts for the video, bringing up their love for films such as Mean Girls and Bring It On.

6.75/104 ratings

Ariana Grande 2018

The video begins with an extended choral introduction and an evening bird's-eye view of a metropolis of skyscrapers sideways, overhead, and underfoot. Grande is first shown reclining on a window-lined hallway before walking on its walls and ceiling in an optical illusion. She then falls through the floor into a wall with fairy lights and is shown swinging from the railing of a fire escape overlooking the city.

5.67/103 ratings