Britney Spears 1998

The video begins with Spears appearing bored in class at a Catholic high school. When the bell rings, Spears runs out into the hall and begins a choreographed dance. She dances in different outfits inside and outside the school. The video ends revealing the whole thing was Spears' daydream.

8.2/105 ratings

Britney Spears 2000

Oops!...I Did It Again begins with a room of scientists researching life on Mars. By contacting their astronaut on the planet, they find Britney, who rides down on a platform and makes her way into a dance scene with the other 'Martians,' wearing a tight-fitting red catsuit. This continues for a while and includes cuts to Spears lying on a stage, wearing a white outfit.

8/104 ratings

Britney Spears 2008

Womanizer features Spears naked and smiling at a sauna while covering herself with her hands. She dresses in different disguises to seduce her boyfriend. When they get into the bedroom, Spears reveals that she was the three women he was "womanizing" all along.

6.6/105 ratings

Britney Spears 2007

Piece of Me features Spears and several other women getting ready to go out to a nightclub as the paparazzi stalk them. At the nightclub, Spears starts flirting with a man and guides him into the women's bathroom, where she discovers he has a hidden camera in his chest. This is followed by a dance sequence with Spears and the four women dancing in the bathroom.

9/104 ratings

Britney Spears 2003

Britney Spears portrays an international spy in this video for Toxic. It takes cues from Blade Runner, Alias, and The Seven Year Itch as she traverses across the globe, facing danger in various disguises.

6.2/105 ratings