Christina Aguilera 1999

Genie in a Bottle begins with Aguilera lying on a beach, wearing a white midriff and tiny shorts. The video suddenly breaks into a dance scene. Aguilera's friends in the music video come over to her house, where they meet up with a group of guys driving a red Chevrolet. The music video ends with a guy chasing after Aguilera, and together they sit with a group of friends while a bonfire is lit.

8.67/106 ratings

Christina Aguilera 2002

Beautiful opens with Aguilera speaking the line "Don't look at me," followed by scenes of her singing alone in a room intercut with self image-related sequences of other people. One scene features a gay couple kissing on a bench and ignoring the stares of people who pass them. Another scene shows a drag queen putting on makeup, a wig, and women's clothing.

8.55/1011 ratings

Christina Aguilera 2006

Ain't No Other Man features Aguilera playing her alter ego, Baby Jane. The song is played as if it were on the radio with minor white noise. The video paid homage to the 1920s and 30s and was shot in the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

5/102 ratings

Christina Aguilera Pink Mýa Lil' Kim 2001

Lady Marmalade features all four performers in lingerie on Los Angeles sets built to resemble the actual Moulin Rouge night club around the turn of the century. The colorful, energetic video has become inseparable from the song itself. The videos used props and costumes from the movie Moulin Rogue! in which the song was featured.

8.13/108 ratings