Dire Straits 1991

The music video was jointly directed by Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame and Steve Barron. It includes several members of the band represented in marionette form and various Thunderbirds characters and a woman.

3.67/103 ratings

Dire Straits 1985

The music video uses rotoscoping and shows the band performing, overlaid with images of the First World War. This contrasts with the at-that-time very modern clip in the band's video for "Money for Nothing."

8/103 ratings

Dire Straits Sting 1985

The groundbreaking music video introduced computer-animated humans to millions of real-life people. The characters sing about the music videos they watch on TV. It was the first video on MTV Europe in 1987 - Sting's background chorus of "I want my MTV" certainly influenced that decision. Not bad, considering lead singer Mark Knopfler didn't even want to make a music video in the first place.

6.5/104 ratings