Future Drake 2020

The song and music video, directed by Director X, were released at midnight on January 10. The music video depicts Future and Drake as men with ordinary jobs, including fast-food workers, mechanics, IT workers, off-brand Apple Store employees, sanitation workers, chefs, aspiring rappers, and assistant directors.

8.17/106 ratings

Drake 2018

The music video for the song God's Plan features Drake donating money to various residents of Miami.

7/104 ratings

Drake 2015

In Hotline Bling, Drake dances inside brightly colored boxes along with several other women. The director said he hoped the video would inspire more men to dance. It worked for Donald Trump, who starred in a parody of the video on Saturday Night Live in 2015.

8.6/105 ratings

Drake Rihanna 2012

The nearly-monochromatic video features Drake and Rihanna performing on empty stages. Images of nature, including a forest fire, a tundra, birds, arrows, and a charging bull, punctuate the beats.

7.33/103 ratings