Green Day 2004

American Idiot features the band playing in a warehouse against a green American flag. In the middle of the video, the band is seen playing at different speeds. During the bridge, the stripes of the flag melt onto the floor. The band is then sprayed with a green liquid from amplifiers next to the flag. In the end, the band drops their instruments and leaves.

7.2/105 ratings

Green Day 1996

Roman Coppola directed the video. The video features Green Day going about in a town casually causing accidents, explosions, and mayhem while being unaware of their actions. At the end of the video, the three members all meet up with each other and get into a car and drive off, just as a building collapses.

5.5/102 ratings

Green Day 2004

Boulevard of Broken Dreams features the band members after their car has stalled in the desert, and they begin a melancholy walk down a dusty road. Scenes are interspersed with film footage taken from around Los Angeles of homeless people and other miserable circumstances. The video also features performance footage of the band playing the song in an abandoned warehouse.

8.67/106 ratings

Green Day 1994

Basket Case was shot in an actual mental institution called Agnews Developmental Center in Santa Clara County, California. The mental institution was abandoned, but most of the structure remained in a broken-down state. The music video was shot in black and white, and the color was added later, contributing to the video's surreal effect.

7.75/104 ratings