Jay-Z 2017

The video uses a style similar to the Censored Eleven cartoons, depicting several well-known stereotypes associated with African Americans. The video touches on African American culture, various roles within the black community, and how the black community is affected by money. O. J. Simpson (the song's namesake) is featured saying the rumored line, "I'm not black, I'm O.J.," a reference to the idea that wealth, notoriety, and fame can transcend race.

8/104 ratings

Jay-Z 2013

The video, directed by Mark Romanek, was inspired by the work of performance artist Marina Abramović and, in particular, by her 2010 installation "The Artist Is Present." In the video, Jay-Z is on a central stage, and people queue to get the chance of having him perform the song with them.

6.67/103 ratings

Justin Timberlake Jay-Z 2014

Justin Timberlake puts his moves on display in the video for Suit & Tie. It starts with Timberlake preparing for a stage performance. He dresses to the nines and sings and dances in the black-and-white video. Jay-Z joins him.

6.75/104 ratings

Kanye West Jay-Z Frank Ocean The-Dream 2012

Political protests informed the story and look of the video for No Church in the Wild. The video portrays clashes between demonstrators and police officers, which escalate into violence. It's not clear precisely what the protests are about, and the video seems to indict "both sides."

7/104 ratings

Beyoncé Jay-Z 2018

The six-minute video was shot at the Louvre. It features visual imagery suggesting comparisons and linkages between wealth, status, and royalty in the Renaissance-era artwork and the eventual evolution of these characteristics into the Carters. Statues and paintings such as Winged Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, and The Coronation of Napoleon are featured throughout the video as the duo lip-sync the lyrics to the track.

7.71/107 ratings

Beyoncé Jay-Z 2013

The black-and-white video features Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z flirting, embracing, and dancing on the beach. Beyoncé described the shoot as "effortless and spontaneous."

7/105 ratings

Rihanna Jay-Z 2007

Umbrella features Rihanna singing the song and dancing solo with an umbrella and with background dancers while sparks rain down on them. Scenes include a Rhianna covered with silver body paint and a CGI effect of water splashing on her. Jay-Z appears at the beginning of the video.

8/106 ratings

Jay-Z 2004

The black-and-white video set in New York was shot mostly around Jay-Z's childhood home. Jay-Z wanted the music video to reflect the place he grew up and "make a pissy wall look like art."

8/103 ratings