Kanye West Jay-Z Frank Ocean The-Dream 2012

Political protests informed the story and look of the video for No Church in the Wild. The video portrays clashes between demonstrators and police officers, which escalate into violence. It's not clear precisely what the protests are about, and the video seems to indict "both sides."

7/104 ratings

Kanye West Pusha T 2010

Kanye West directed the video, drawing from director Stanley Kubrick as an inspiration. West drew inspiration from other long-form music videos and music-related cinema, including Purple Rain, Pink Floyd The Wall, and Michael Jackson's Thriller. The music video revolves around a love story between West (known as "Griffin" in the narrative) and a phoenix he discovers while driving through the woods.

8.17/106 ratings

Kanye West Rihanna 2016

Taylor Swift aside, the most controversial part of the Famous music video was the opening shot. It features nude wax sculptures of sleeping celebrities including Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Bill Cosby, as well as Swift, West, and Kim Kardashian.

7.25/104 ratings

Kanye West 2008

Love Lockdown was filmed in Kanye West's apartment. Creepily, it resembles Patrick Bateman's apartment in the movie American Psycho. As West dances, African tribe members begin to appear. The video culminates in an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

8.33/103 ratings

Kanye West 2007

The video is set in a futuristic dystopia, reminiscent of Akira and Blade Runner. It was shot mostly in Japan without a script and put together in the editing room for over three months. Kanye's famous Alain Mikli shutter shades were acquired for this video.

7.75/104 ratings

Kanye West 2004

There were three different music videos created for Jesus Walks. The second, directed by Chris Milk, is the most acclaimed. It uses Biblical iconography and is set in the deep South. West and Milk used them to convey the message that no matter what, God is with you.

8.33/103 ratings