Kendrick Lamar 2017

The gorgeous video opens with Kendrick Lamar dressed in all white as the pope before putting him in all black lying on a pile of money. Full of symbolism and social commentary, the HUMBLE. video uses a fisheye lense and other techniques to create intensity.

8.83/106 ratings

Kendrick Lamar 2015

The seven-minute-long black-and-white music video comments on police brutality and racism. Kendrick Lamar raps through Los Angeles. The video culminates with a shot of Lamar standing on top of a lampost -- where a police officer shoots him.

8.4/105 ratings

Taylor Swift Kendrick Lamar 2015

The Bad Blood video is a neo-noir spy film that takes cues from Robocop and Sin City. Taylor Swift teams up with Selena Gomez and Hailee Steinfeld as part of a crime-fighting team.

7.57/107 ratings