Michael Jackson 1983

Beat It opens in a diner/pool hall, where two men walk outside, and then the members of two warring gangs gather and march to a "rumble" inspired by the film West Side Story at a warehouse. Many of the participants in the video's dance sequences were actual street gang members, brought in to authenticate the look and feel of the piece.

8.17/106 ratings

Michael Jackson 1983

Bille Jean loosely followed the song's narrative. It features Jackson as a lonely, elusive figure walking the streets while the ground glowed wherever he stepped, suggesting Jackson's stardom and fame. A trenchcoated "stalker," possibly a journalist, pursues Jackson, supposedly to get the scoop on the titular love-interest, missing his opportunity when Jackson seemingly vanishes beneath glowing bedsheets with his never-seen mystery lover.

7.75/104 ratings

Michael Jackson 1995

The production had an environmental theme, showing images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution, poaching, poverty, and war. Jackson and the world's people unite in a spiritual chant that summons a force that heals the world. Using special effects, time is reversed so that life returns, the war ends, and the forests regrow.

7.67/103 ratings

Michael Jackson Janet Jackson 1995

Scream has a heavy sci-fi theme and features clips from the anime Akira. It gained 11 MTV Video Music Award Nominations in 1995, more than any other music video. Guinness World Records listed it as the most expensive music video ever made at the cost of $7 million.

8/107 ratings

Michael Jackson 1988

Leave Me Alone, which was featured in the 1988 film Moonwalker, features an amusement park consisting of stylistically crude images based around Jackson's career. There is an emphasis on the tabloid view of Jackson's personal life and public image. At the end of the video, it is revealed that a gigantic Jackson himself is the amusement park. He breaks free, tearing the park to pieces.

6.75/104 ratings

Michael Jackson 1983

Michael Jackson's iconic video is one of the most well-known videos of the 80's. Directed by John Landis, who made An American Werewolf in London, the video references numerous horror movies and features Jackson dancing with zombies. It's a cultural landmark and was the first music video added to the National Film Registry.

9.27/1011 ratings