R.E.M. 1993

Everybody Hurts was filmed along I-10 in San Antonio, Texas, and shows the band stuck in a traffic jam. Subtitles show us the thoughts of the other people tuck in traffic. In the end, all the people leave their cars and walk instead. They then vanish.

7.38/108 ratings

R.E.M. 1992

Michael Stipe, attired in a cowboy hat, walks along a desert road. He leaps onto a passing truck, driven by Bill Berry, and hitches a ride to a truck stop where Peter Buck is tending bar and Mike Mills is shooting pool. He drinks and sings before leaving to walk off in the dusk. A small TV shows footage of Andy Kauffman throughout the video.

7/103 ratings

R.E.M. 1991

Losing My Religion begins with a brief sequence inside a dark room where water drips from an open window. A pitcher of milk drops from the windowsill and shatters, and the song begins. Director Tarsem Singh drew inspiration from the Italian painter Caravaggio and Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. The video is laden with religious imagery such as Saint Sebastian and Hindu deities, portrayed in a series of tableau.

8/107 ratings