Radiohead 2011

Thom Yorke dances erratically in this black-and-white music video. Yorke wears a white dress shirt, top hat, and blue jeans. He moves his arms and shakes his body in a seemingly random fashion.

6.25/104 ratings

Radiohead 2008

Instead of traditional cameras, the video was made with lidar technology, which detects objects' proximity from the sensor. The use of lidar technology gives the footage a grainy and grid-like appearance. Sheets of acrylic glass and mirrors are passed in front of the lasers to create scenes where the image appears distorted, partially disappears, or begins to disintegrate as if carried by the wind.

6.5/102 ratings

Radiohead 1997

Previously responsible for Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" clip, Jonathan Glazer directed the song's music video. Glazer said he considers the video to be a failed attempt. Thom Yorke stated that the music video was his favorite because he was drunk during the production.

7.5/106 ratings