Sinéad O'Connor 1995

Sinéad O'Connor laments the Irish Potato Famine in this 1995 video. It shows O'Connor and two others rapping on a street in the rain. The video gives the song dynamism without distracting from its powerful lyrics.

8.25/104 ratings

Sinéad O'Connor 1994

Sinead O’Connor wrote Fire on Babylon about her childhood with an abusive mother. The video shows both Sinead and a young actress playing Sinead as a girl. Director Michel Gondry uses a fisheye lens and a cramped set to show how cramped the girl is inside the unreal house - where a robotic monster attacks her repeatedly.

7.33/103 ratings

Sinéad O'Connor 1990

Nothing Compares 2 U was mainly shot in Paris and consists almost solely of a closeup on O'Connor's face as she sings the song's lyrics. Toward the end of the video, two tears roll down her face, one per cheek. It was the first video from a female artist to win Music Video of the Year at the VMAs.

8.56/109 ratings