the Weeknd 2021

In the visual, the Weeknd continues the established narrative of the previous After Hours music videos (and his 2020 AMA performance), with him in the clip unconventionally performing at a masquerade party after his character received plastic surgery. The video was directed by Cliqua and was notable for Tesfaye's usage of a new sparkling red suit and botox prosthetic.

6/103 ratings

the Weeknd 2020

The visual opens with the Weeknd laughing as blood drips down his face then jumps back in time to show the mayhem that led to this gruesome end — the pop star speeding around a deserted city, dancing gleefully in the streets. The visual follows the events of the music video for "Heartless" and sees the Weeknd go on a hallucinated joyride after waking from a trance.

7.8/105 ratings

the Weeknd 2017

The video follows a night in the life of The Weeknd. It's chock-full of cameos, including appearances by Drake, ASAP Rocky, and Travis Scott.

7.33/103 ratings