Olivia Newton-John 1982

Physical features a lusty Olivia, dressed in a tight leotard, working out in a gym with several overweight men, who eventually transform into attractive muscular young men. This was further emphasized by the video's twist comedy ending when the transformed men who are now oblivious to Newton-John's advances are ultimately revealed to be gay.

7.25/104 ratings

Whitney Houston 1987

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) is begins with Houston just finishing a performance onstage. She walks backstage, and the scene is intercut with more vivid, colorful images of her. The song then explodes into its beginning, with various locations and various outfits by Houston, as dancers trying to impress her as she dances around. The music video borrows from Flashdance, Grease, and Top Hat.

8.25/104 ratings

Tina Turner 1984

Private Dancer was filmed in The Rivoli Ballroom, London, and features Tina as a high-class prostitute who dreams about walking among other dancers.

8/103 ratings

Olivia Newton-John 1983

Olivia Newton-John sings as she walks on a floating platform among neon lights. The video features scenes from the movie Two of a Kind; Twist of Fate was on the soundtrack.

6.75/104 ratings