Big & Rich 2006

The music video was directed by Deaton-Flanigen Productions and premiered in the week of June 12, 2006. It first starts with Kristofferson saying the intro and then cuts to the duo performing in front of a large screen, showing the visuals of Harris' life.

5/103 ratings

Martina McBride 2004

The video is set at Halloween. Martina McBride sits on a park bench singing under the falling leaves while children trick-or-treat through the neighborhood.

5/103 ratings

Martina McBride 2002

The video was directed and produced by Deaton Flanigen. Angela Carter (played by Noel Wiggins) is the 7-year-old daughter of an abusive mother. When the video was initially released, it featured the American Child Abuse Hotline's phone number and encouraged viewers to report abuse.

7.38/108 ratings

Reba McEntire 1999

In the video, directed by Deaton-Flanigen, the mother is suffering from the final stages of cancer; this is revealed when she removes her wig and sees that she has lost her hair due to chemotherapy. In the song's last verse, the woman's family is at her bedside, saying their final goodbyes.

7/102 ratings