Trevor Rabin 1989

The video for Something to Hold On To features Trevor Rabin and a woman in various locations, including a bright red room with white doors and a spotted room with the two wearing dalmatian fur a la Cruella de Ville.

6.5/102 ratings

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 1985

Director Jeff Stein made Alice in Wonderland the theme for this video. Actress Wish Foley plays Alice, who is cut up like a cake and eaten by Tom Petty and others. Future Vice President Al Gore's daughter saw the video and complained to her mom, who used it as a pretext to launch the Parents Music Resource Center - the group behind those infamous 'Parental Advisory' stickers.

8/106 ratings

The Cars 1984

You Might Think was a pioneer in music videos, one of the first to use computer graphics. It features a model who sees co-lead singer Ric Ocasek appear in several different bizarre incarnations, such as showing up in her mouth or as King Kong. It was the first winner of the MTV Video Music Award Video of the Year.

5.33/106 ratings