Christina Aguilera 2002

Beautiful opens with Aguilera speaking the line "Don't look at me," followed by scenes of her singing alone in a room intercut with self image-related sequences of other people. One scene features a gay couple kissing on a bench and ignoring the stares of people who pass them. Another scene shows a drag queen putting on makeup, a wig, and women's clothing.

8.55/1011 ratings

Beyoncé 2016

The song's music video is part of a one-hour film with the same title as its parent album, (Lemonade) which initially aired on HBO and was also included with the purchase of the album itself. The Jonas Åkerlund-directed video features Beyoncé destroying multiple cars and security cameras using a baseball bat.

9.29/107 ratings

Lady Gaga Beyoncé 2009

The two superstars collaborated for this Tarantino-inspired video. Lady Gaga is kept in a women's prison before Beyoncé bails her out. They go on a colorful road trip full of murder and mayhem.

8/105 ratings

U2 2000

Beautiful Day features the band walking around in Paris' Charles de Gaulle International Airport, with scenes of the band playing on a runway interspliced with large jets taking off and landing overhead.

6.67/103 ratings

Madonna 1998

Ray of Light is noted for its Koyaanisqatsi-inspired music video, featuring time-lapse images of daily life, from people riding a subway, ordering food, bowling, and children in a classroom to sped-up city-scapes and freeways at night. In most scenes, one person stares directly at the camera, while everyone else goes on with their daily lives.

7.8/105 ratings