Taylor Swift 2014

Taylor Swift approached director Joseph Kahn with the idea for Blank Space. She wanted the video to portray her self-deprecation as a "crazy villain" akin to the lyrics. According to Kahn, Swift envisioned Blank Space as "a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn't the boy, maybe the problem is her"

8.33/103 ratings

Taylor Swift 2017

Swift has said that part of the premise of the video is rooted in the idea that, "If everything you write about me was true, this is how ridiculous it would look." It is a satirical send-up of media theories about her true intentions that have little validity.

6.6/105 ratings

Eminem Rihanna 2010

Love the Way You Lie features Rihanna singing in front of a burning house and Eminem rapping in a cornfield. Interspersed is a storyline involving a woman, played by Megan Fox, and her lover, played by Dominic Monaghan, engaged in a volatile relationship. At the end of the video, Eminem joins Rihanna in front of the burning house and raps the final verse.

6/103 ratings

Jamiroquai 2005

The video shows a nerd (played by Jay Kay) entering into an elevator. The elevator takes him to a strange area (the number bar on the elevator reads "hell"), where the nerd turns into Jay Kay. He walks down a street and into an alley, where he meets a pimp (also played by Jay Kay), the "candyman" mentioned in the lyrics.

7.25/104 ratings

Aerosmith 2001

The video for the song, directed by Joseph Kahn, was very futuristic and high-tech. The video also stars the actress Jessica Biel and Steven Tyler's youngest daughter Chelsea portraying Steven as a child.

4.33/103 ratings

Taylor Swift Kendrick Lamar 2015

The Bad Blood video is a neo-noir spy film that takes cues from Robocop and Sin City. Taylor Swift teams up with Selena Gomez and Hailee Steinfeld as part of a crime-fighting team.

7.57/107 ratings

Britney Spears 2008

Womanizer features Spears naked and smiling at a sauna while covering herself with her hands. She dresses in different disguises to seduce her boyfriend. When they get into the bedroom, Spears reveals that she was the three women he was "womanizing" all along.

6.6/105 ratings

Eminem 2009

We Made You parodies various mediums such as television shows Rock of Love and Star Trek and mocks celebrities. Eminem's targets include Bret Michaels, Kevin Federline, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Amy Winehouse, and her then-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Alba, Elvis Presley, Tony Romo, John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian.

5.33/103 ratings

The Pussycat Dolls 2008

This sexy video features the group stuck in a traffic jam. They jump out of the car and start to dance La La Land style. They begin to climb all over the city, singing, and dancing.

7/104 ratings

Chris Brown 2008

The video showcases Chris Brown's dancing, as he meets a girl at a club. He follows her, does a 540 kick in front of a water fountain, and later saves her life.

4.67/103 ratings