Snoop Dogg 2007

The video features Snoop in retro eighties outfits holding a keytar while using a talkbox and includes direct homages to Prince's "When Doves Cry" video. It also features him in a retro seventies outfit dancing in a colored background.

6.33/103 ratings

Beyoncé 2016

Formation was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, and features references to Hurricane Katrina, antebellum, and Louisiana Creole culture, along with police brutality and racism. Julie Dash's 1991 film Daughters of the Dust inspired the look and feel of the video, which was part of her groundbreaking visual album Lemonade.

8.71/107 ratings

Rihanna Calvin Harris 2011

Often compared to the film Trainspotting, We Found Love tells a story of sex, love, and drug use. Shot in Northern Ireland, the video was an internet sensation and garnered a thousand views for every parent who banned the video from their home.

7.8/105 ratings