Daft Punk 1997

Around the World features five groups of characters (robots walking around in a circle, tall athletes wearing tracksuits with small prosthetic heads walking up and downstairs, four women dressed as disco girls moving up and down another set of stairs, four skeletons dancing in the center of the platform and four mummies dancing in time with the song's drum pattern) on a platform representing a vinyl record.

6.25/104 ratings

Steriogram 2004

The music video for "Walkie Talkie Man" features scenes of children working as studio staff and knitting instruments and equipment, and the band is terrorized by a giant hand made of wool which grabs singer Tyson Kennedy and tears him in half, showing that his insides are also made of wool.

7/103 ratings

Björk 1997

The surreal music video was directed by longtime Björk video collaborator Michel Gondry and explored self-reference, featuring a dramatized version of the Droste effect. It features Björk as "Bachelorette," a woman who finds a book buried in her garden that begins to write itself, describing what Bachelorette does as she describes it; the book is entitled "My Story."

6.75/104 ratings

Sinéad O'Connor 1994

Sinead O’Connor wrote Fire on Babylon about her childhood with an abusive mother. The video shows both Sinead and a young actress playing Sinead as a girl. Director Michel Gondry uses a fisheye lens and a cramped set to show how cramped the girl is inside the unreal house - where a robotic monster attacks her repeatedly.

7.33/103 ratings

Lucas Secon 1994

The video is known for its technical achievement in that it was shot in one long continuous single take with no edits, cuts or digital enhancement. The song by Danish rapper Lucas Secon was an international hit.

4/103 ratings

Björk 1993

Human Behaviour features Björk being hunted by a bear in a forest. It is a loose take on the children's tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" with visuals inspired by Yuri Norstein's animated film Hedgehog in the Fog. She ends up being eaten by the bear and trapped in its stomach.

8/104 ratings

The White Stripes 2003

The Hardest Button to Button features pixelation animation to create the effect of dozens of drum kits and guitar amplifiers multiplying to the rhythm of the song as Jack and Meg perform.

8/103 ratings

The White Stripes 2002

Michel Gondry directed this Lego-animated film just a couple years before he made Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Lego refused to partner with the band on the video. The company changed its mind once it became a hit, but this time band leader Jack White said no.

7.8/105 ratings