Aaliyah Timbaland 2001

The video opens with Aaliyah sitting in a dark room in a black dress and also appearing on a TV screen performing the first verse. For part of the video she wears on a glass bed. Later, she wears a snake around her neck in a pit, wearing snakeskin underwear. Aaliyah performs a dance routine with other dancers during Timbaland's verse, wearing a dragon T-shirt.

6/102 ratings

Mariah Carey Sean Combs Mase The Lox 1997

Honey was shot in Puerto Rico and featured Carey, playing as "Agent M," escaping from being held hostage in a large mansion. At the end of the video, Carey is on an island with her lover, male model David Fumero, and her real-life dog, Jack. They frolic together on the island while Carey happily enjoys her romance.

3.67/103 ratings

Pharrell Williams 2015

Pharrell Williams appears to involve the entire city in his video for Freedom. He dances through the street, in a church, at a bowling alley, in a convenience store, and down a school hallway. Different people in the community join in and show off their moves.

4.33/103 ratings

TLC 1999

Unpretty features vignettes of several different stories relating to the song's lyrics. This is the last video released in the US featuring all three TLC members before the death of Lisa Lopes. This song's music video cost over $1.6 million, making it one of the most expensive music videos ever made.

6/103 ratings

Gwen Stefani 2005

Hollaback Girl opens with a scene of Stefani spending time with her Harajuku Girls when a crowd of students appears. Stefani and the Harajuku Girls then drive in a 1961 Chevrolet Impala, accompanied by the group. Throughout the video, there are intercut sequences of choreographed dancing filmed in a sound stage.

7.67/106 ratings

Christina Aguilera Pink Mýa Lil' Kim 2001

Lady Marmalade features all four performers in lingerie on Los Angeles sets built to resemble the actual Moulin Rouge night club around the turn of the century. The colorful, energetic video has become inseparable from the song itself. The videos used props and costumes from the movie Moulin Rogue! in which the song was featured.

8.13/108 ratings

D'Angelo 2000

Untitled‏‎ (How Does It Feel) was shot on a soundstage in New York City and featured a -one-take of D'Angelo singing the song, appearing nude from the waist-up. Marques Houston's "Naked" pays homage to the video.

7.6/105 ratings

Will Smith Dru Hill Kool Moe Dee 1999

Wild Wild West features several dialog sequences featuring Smith, Kool Moe Dee, Dru Hill, and interspersed clips from the film Wild Wild West. Cameos include the actors who appeared in the movie, Kevin Kline, Salma Hayek, and Kenneth Branagh. Enrique Iglesias plays a prince, and Smith's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air co-star Alfonso Ribeiro is one of the dancers.

6/103 ratings