Eminem 1999

The video starts with a stereotypical redneck family watching television, who then comes across a show starring "Marshall Mathers" (Eminem's real name). As the video goes on, Eminem parodies several TV shows and movies. He also imitates then-President Bill Clinton, Johnny Carson, a porn star, and others. NOTE: the music video has been replaced on all official sites (including the official Eminem YouTube account and MTV's holding accounts) with alternative lyrics online making it more advertiser friendly.

7.67/106 ratings

D12 2004

My Band features scenes of Eminem being pampered and looked after while the other members of D12 are treated as unimportant. Scenes included the band looking through the window of a door to find Eminem receiving a massage, and Eminem in a limousine while the others are forced to wait for a bus.

7.33/103 ratings

Eminem 2002

Lose Yourself was filmed in Detroit, Michigan, and thus contains numerous shots of the city, including the Ambassador Bridge. The video is a mixture of multiple scenarios, including scenes from the movie 8 Mile, and Eminem rapping next to the "8 Mile Rd. Mobile Court" sign.

7.8/105 ratings

50 Cent 2003

In da Club is set in a fictional hip hop boot camp known as the Shady/Aftermath Artist Development Center. It begins with a black Hummer driving to the facility at an unknown location. 50 Cent is introduced by hanging upside down from the roof of a gym. He raps inside the glass box with people dancing around him.

5/103 ratings

Eminem Dido 2000

Stan features Devon Sawa as Stan, the obsessive fan, and British pop singer Dido, who sings the chorus, as his pregnant girlfriend. There are multiple versions of the disturbing video, which features scenes of violence and cruelty by the fanatical Stan.

8.14/107 ratings

Eminem 2000

The Real Slim Shady features Eminem performing the song in a psychiatric ward, a local Detroit neighborhood park, a fast-food joint, the Grammy Awards, and even a factory where multiple clones of the rapper are produced. The video also features cameo appearances by Dr. Dre, D12, Kid Rock, Fred Durst, Carson Daly, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, and even a stuffed Bill the Cat doll.

8.83/106 ratings