Jamie xx 2016

A man in white stares deadpan at the camera as it cuts to various locations - a nightclub, the street, an apartment. We learn the video takes place in Paris. It culminates with a circle of people dancing around the man under the Eiffel Tower.

6.67/103 ratings

Kanye West Jay-Z Frank Ocean The-Dream 2012

Political protests informed the story and look of the video for No Church in the Wild. The video portrays clashes between demonstrators and police officers, which escalate into violence. It's not clear precisely what the protests are about, and the video seems to indict "both sides."

7/104 ratings

M.I.A. 2012

M.I.A.'s video garnered several comparisons to Rebel Without A Cause, thanks to its drag race and "live fast, die young" ethos. It features women in niqabs driving cars to protest the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia. The video portrays the fun, badass lifestyle that is key to M.I.A.'s image.

7/103 ratings