Kelly Clarkson 2011

The video begins with Clarkson in a video control room, watching select flash mob videos submitted by various participants in different monitors. Throughout the video, Clarkson's scenes performing the song in three different settings (alone on a stage, with her band in a garden square, and in the control room) alternate with various flash mob videos. Towards the end of the video, Clarkson, along with the people in the garden square, forms a flash mob featuring the same choreograph.

7.5/102 ratings

Panic! at the Disco 2006

The band's first music video was an immediate winner. It tells the story of a wedding held at a circus. The bride's family sleeps through the ceremony, while the groom's family are circus folk. A fight breaks out, disrupting the wedding. Lead singer Brendon Urie stars are the ringmaster.

8.2/105 ratings