OK Go 2016

The music video for "Upside Down & Inside Out" features the band moving about in zero gravity created by the parabolic flight path of a reduced-gravity aircraft in concert with the song, performing various stunts otherwise impossible at normal gravity, including the use of props such as laptop computers and tablets, dozens of balls, and paint-filled balloons.

6.5/104 ratings

OK Go 2011

In the music video, the performing members of Pilobolus 7 and Ok Go are in sea-foam green jumpsuits. The entire video was performed on top of a steel and plexiglass platform with a projector capturing the images below. Google Chrome commissioned the music video as a Chrome Experiment for HTML5.

5.25/104 ratings

OK Go 2006

Here It Goes Again features an elaborate performance of the band dancing on eight treadmills, arranged in two rows of four and alternating opposite directions, in a single continuous take.

8.78/109 ratings