Britney Spears 2007

Piece of Me features Spears and several other women getting ready to go out to a nightclub as the paparazzi stalk them. At the nightclub, Spears starts flirting with a man and guides him into the women's bathroom, where she discovers he has a hidden camera in his chest. This is followed by a dance sequence with Spears and the four women dancing in the bathroom.

9/104 ratings

NSYNC 2000

Bye Bye Bye features 'N Sync as puppets controlled by an evil puppetress, Kim Smith. She cuts the strings first on Fatone and Kirkpatrick, and they run across a speeding train to escape her. She cuts Timberlake loose next, and he out-runs her trained dogs. Then, Bass and Chasez are cut loose into a sports car and must speed away from her.

7.88/108 ratings

Ricky Martin 1999

Livin' la Vida Loca features Ricky Martin performing the song on stage with dancers in the foreground interspersed with him and Nina Moric being affectionate with each other. There are shots of her pouring wax on him, a shot of them in a convertible, and a shot of them and other women getting wet from a knocked-over fire hydrant.

5.5/104 ratings

Backstreet Boys 1999

I Want It That Way features the group singing the song at Los Angeles International Airport and contains scene transitions between shots. A greenscreen shot features the band, dressed in white, performing a dance sequence while being manipulated over an airport lobby's backdrop. As the band prepares to board their plane, they are greeted by a crowd of screaming fans bearing signs and flowers.

7.33/106 ratings