Blind Melon 1992

No Rain stars Heather DeLoach as the Bee Girl, a young tap dancer wearing a homemade bee costume and large glasses, modeled after the Blind Melon album's cover: a family picture of Georgia Graham, younger sister of drummer Glen Graham. The Bee Girl's story is interspersed with footage of Blind Melon performing in a field against a clear blue sky.

7.2/105 ratings

My Chemical Romance 2009

Welcome to the Black Parade features Lukas Haas as "The Patient" dressed in a hospital gown and being taken by death in the form of a "Black Parade" along with "Fear," "Regret," and "Mother War." They go from a hospital to a surreal cityscape, with ash-covered wreckage, black snow, and destroyed buildings. The band is on the main float playing the song with masked figures walking behind them.

8.2/105 ratings

The White Stripes 2003

Seven Nation Army features a continuous shot through a kaleidoscopic tunnel of mirrored black, white, and red triangles. The triangle slides alternate between images of Jack or Meg playing, interspersed with marching skeletons and an elephant.

5.8/105 ratings

Evanescence 2003

Bring Me to Life features Amy Lee climbing up buildings to the apartment where her band members are. Near the end, Amy falls off the ledge, and John LeCompt tries to pull her back up. He loses his grip, and Amy falls, although it was a dream as she slept in her bed.

7.75/104 ratings

Gorillaz 2001

The Gorillaz' animated videos are famous, and Clint Eastwood was the group's first. Zombie gorillas rise up from a cemetery, dance, and chase the band.

6.17/106 ratings

Smash Mouth 1999

All Star features Steve Harwell rescuing a dog from a burning building and lifting a bus off a pageant queen. The video was produced to promote the film Mystery Men and features cameos from Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, Kel Mitchell, and Dane Cook.

6/104 ratings

Foo Fighters 1998

The music video features a man running into a burning building to rescue a woman's baby, another woman's dog, and finally, a picture frame of the first woman. Both the baby and the dog's eyes are blocked out to show they represent people in need everywhere. The camera follows the man throughout the video, with his face never being shown. It is presented in a continuous "long take" format, although actual transitional cuts are disguised by smoke.

5.75/104 ratings

Coldplay 2016

The video consists of over-layered visuals and has the band playing the song in various landscapes and locations. One of the sites used is the Croatian mountain range of Biokovo, upon which Chris Martin appears to be seated. The music video makes extensive use of impossible imagery, including a scene where dolphins swim in a sea situated underneath an inverted landmass

8.33/103 ratings

The Dead Weather 2015

The video for I Feel Love begins on a dark, foggy street reminiscent of black-and-white film noir. A woman struggles in the wind but continues to walk forward though she is barely able to stand. Neon lights penetrate the otherwise colorless set.

8/102 ratings

Capital Cities 2013

The third and most well-known video for the song was directed by Grady Hall and released in 2013. The video is set in the Los Angeles Theatre and depicts Capital Cities performing on stage as dancers of all types (1940s swing dancers, 1970s roller disco skaters, 1990s hip-hop dancers, etc.) emerge from pictures on the wall and film clips from different periods in the theater's history come to life and compete in dance-offs.

6.33/103 ratings