David Bowie 1980

Ashes to Ashes was, at the time, one of the most expensive music videos ever made. It features Bowie in a gaudy Pierrot costume and members of the London Blitz scene walking in front of a bulldozer. There are scenes of Bowie in a spacesuit and locked in a padded room. At the end of the video, an older woman is lecturing Bowie as they walk along the beach.

7.75/104 ratings

Kate Bush 1978

Two music videos with similar choreography were made to accompany "Wuthering Heights." Bush created the choreography and dance moves to suggest her character is a ghost (as in this scene in the novel), without explicitly stating as such. In the first version, made for the UK and European release, Bush is shown performing the song in a dark room filled with white mist while wearing a white dress.

8.5/104 ratings

David Bowie 1973

Mick Rock filmed and directed a promotional video backstage at Earl's Court, on 12 May 1973, to accompany the release of the song as a single. It features a heavily made-up Bowie performing the song solo against a white backdrop, in a turquoise "ice-blue" suit designed by Freddi Buretti.

6.75/104 ratings

Radiohead 2008

Instead of traditional cameras, the video was made with lidar technology, which detects objects' proximity from the sensor. The use of lidar technology gives the footage a grainy and grid-like appearance. Sheets of acrylic glass and mirrors are passed in front of the lasers to create scenes where the image appears distorted, partially disappears, or begins to disintegrate as if carried by the wind.

6.5/102 ratings

Peter Gabriel 1992

Digging in the Dirt features stop motion animation similar to Gabriel's earlier videos, "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time." The video uses disturbing images to explore the issues in Gabriel's personal life, such as the end of his relationship with Rosanna Arquette, his desire to reconnect with his daughter, and the self-healing he was looking for in therapy.

7/103 ratings