Bob Dylan 1965

Subterranean Homesick Blues is one of the first "modern" promotional film clips, the music video's forerunner. The original clip was the opening segment of D. A. Pennebaker's film, Dont Look Back, a documentary on Bob Dylan's first tour of England in 1965. In the film, Dylan, who came up with the idea, holds up cue cards for the audience, with selected words and phrases from the lyrics.

6.67/103 ratings

Aerosmith 1994

Crazy stars Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler as schoolgirls who skip class and run away, driving off in a black Ford Mustang convertible. The video is noteworthy for its very risque and suggestive sexual scenes.

6.5/104 ratings

The Dead Weather 2015

The video for I Feel Love begins on a dark, foggy street reminiscent of black-and-white film noir. A woman struggles in the wind but continues to walk forward though she is barely able to stand. Neon lights penetrate the otherwise colorless set.

8/102 ratings

Jack White 2012

Jack White and his fellow musicians perform while dressed in suits, ties, and hats in this video from White's debut solo album. Their scenes are intercut with scenes of a couple dancing.

7/104 ratings

Aerosmith 1997

Pink was shot in a studio. The video used CGI to morph characters' faces to other bodies. A variety of random characters mixed in with band members towards the camera, morphing into different characters in the process. The uncensored version caused minor controversy and MTV asked Nichol to censor the video for daytime airings.

5.75/104 ratings

Morphine 1997

The monochromatic video for Early to Bed features children who enter a room to watch a bizarre puppet show, featuring the band members. The show gets more and more disturbing. It frightens the children and makes them cry.

7/103 ratings

Aerosmith 1994

Cryin' features the first appearance of Alicia Silverstone in the band's videos. The song flashes back and forth between the band and Silvertone, who plays a teen who has a falling out with her boyfriend (played by Stephen Dorff) after catching him cheating.

8.2/105 ratings

Neil Young & The Bluenotes 1988

Neil Young's song and video skewers musicians who "sold out" by doing beer commercials. (The title is a parody of Budweiser's "This Bud's For You" campaign) The video features Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston lookalikes. Legal threats from Jackson kept it off MTV initially, but the channel eventually aired it and gave it the year's highest honor at the VMAs.

6.33/103 ratings