Gary Clark Jr. 2019

The video for the bluesy song shows a young Black boy living in the rural south. Images throughout the video hint at racism. A broken rope hangs from a tree, and Gary Clark Jr. himself performs in a plantation-style home.

5.5/102 ratings

Michael Jackson 1995

The production had an environmental theme, showing images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution, poaching, poverty, and war. Jackson and the world's people unite in a spiritual chant that summons a force that heals the world. Using special effects, time is reversed so that life returns, the war ends, and the forests regrow.

7.67/103 ratings

Hank Williams, Jr. 1989

In the video, Hank Williams Jr. performs the song by himself in an old house on a stormy night. After the first chorus, he hears vocals and sees a silhouette coming from behind a door near him. After harmonizing for a couple of bars with the mystery singer, he opens the door to discover his father, Hank Williams Sr., playing the song with his band in footage of an old performance. Hank Jr. then walks through the door and magically appears by his father's side to finish the piece together.

6.25/104 ratings

Adele 2010

The video for Adele's "dark blues-y gospel disco tune" places the singer in an abandoned house surrounded by countless glasses of water that vibrate to the music. Light bulbs burst, and a model city catches on fire as the song's energy crescendos.

7.6/105 ratings

Steve Winwood 1988

Future Oscar nominee David Fincher directed the animated video for Steve Winwood's bluesy Roll With It. The video was shot in sepia and showed Winwood performing his hit in a bar while people dance to the music. The song itself spent four straight weeks as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

5/103 ratings