Tones and I 2019

The video follows "Mr. Tones" (Tones and I), an elderly man who sneaks out of his home to have a dance party at a golf course with other senior citizens. Due to the overcast weather on the day of filming, every shot of the music video had its sky replaced digitally.

7/104 ratings

Lady Gaga 2020

911 features Gaga involved in a car-bicycle accident where she hallucinates various people and objects as she nearly dies before the paramedics shock her back to life. The imagery from the fantasy world appears as billboards on the street along with the people surrounding her. It was director Tarsem Singh's first video and took its look from the 1969 Armenian film The Color of Pomegranates.

5.33/103 ratings

Taylor Swift 2014

Taylor Swift approached director Joseph Kahn with the idea for Blank Space. She wanted the video to portray her self-deprecation as a "crazy villain" akin to the lyrics. According to Kahn, Swift envisioned Blank Space as "a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn't the boy, maybe the problem is her"

8.33/103 ratings

Katy Perry Juicy J 2014

Dark Horse is set in Ancient Egypt and features Perry as Katy Pätra, who is approached by multiple suitors attempting to win her heart, all of whom she turns into dust or otherwise eradicates. Perry dances on a stripper pole during Juicy J's verse.

7.8/105 ratings

Kelly Clarkson 2011

The video begins with Clarkson in a video control room, watching select flash mob videos submitted by various participants in different monitors. Throughout the video, Clarkson's scenes performing the song in three different settings (alone on a stage, with her band in a garden square, and in the control room) alternate with various flash mob videos. Towards the end of the video, Clarkson, along with the people in the garden square, forms a flash mob featuring the same choreograph.

7.5/102 ratings

Taylor Swift 2017

Swift has said that part of the premise of the video is rooted in the idea that, "If everything you write about me was true, this is how ridiculous it would look." It is a satirical send-up of media theories about her true intentions that have little validity.

6.6/105 ratings

Tove Lo 2019

The entire song takes place as a phone conversation. Tove Lo pours her heart out to her friend while walking through the city, desert, mountains, and a ship. She eventually finds herself in prison, still talking. She talks still during her daring jailbreak.

5.67/103 ratings

"Weird Al" Yankovic 2011

Perform This Way parodies Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and features Al's head superimposed on the bodies of dancer Vlada Gorbaneva and contortionist Marissa Heart using CGI effects. Throughout the video, "Yankovic" dances in several different outlandish outfits.

7/103 ratings

Radiohead 2011

Thom Yorke dances erratically in this black-and-white music video. Yorke wears a white dress shirt, top hat, and blue jeans. He moves his arms and shakes his body in a seemingly random fashion.

6.25/104 ratings

Björk 1993

Human Behaviour features Björk being hunted by a bear in a forest. It is a loose take on the children's tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" with visuals inspired by Yuri Norstein's animated film Hedgehog in the Fog. She ends up being eaten by the bear and trapped in its stomach.

8/104 ratings