My Chemical Romance 2009

Welcome to the Black Parade features Lukas Haas as "The Patient" dressed in a hospital gown and being taken by death in the form of a "Black Parade" along with "Fear," "Regret," and "Mother War." They go from a hospital to a surreal cityscape, with ash-covered wreckage, black snow, and destroyed buildings. The band is on the main float playing the song with masked figures walking behind them.

8.2/105 ratings

Fall Out Boy 2005

The music video for "Sugar, We're Goin Down" (directed by Matt Lenski) follows the persecution and subsequent redemption of a boy with antlers. The video establishes the life of a socially outcast boy with antlers and his feelings for a neighborhood girl.

5.67/103 ratings

Underoath 2006

The bizarre video makes generous use of the fisheye lens. Two children and their family live inside a small, cramped house - while the band rocks and screams.

8.67/106 ratings

Panic! at the Disco 2006

The band's first music video was an immediate winner. It tells the story of a wedding held at a circus. The bride's family sleeps through the ceremony, while the groom's family are circus folk. A fight breaks out, disrupting the wedding. Lead singer Brendon Urie stars are the ringmaster.

8.2/105 ratings