Passenger 2012

The music video for the song Let Her Go shows the stage being prepared for a Passenger concert. It also includes footage of a Passenger performance with his backing band and shots of the audience reacting. The sleeper hit shot up the charts and became a massive success on YouTube.

7/102 ratings

Bob Dylan 1965

Subterranean Homesick Blues is one of the first "modern" promotional film clips, the music video's forerunner. The original clip was the opening segment of D. A. Pennebaker's film, Dont Look Back, a documentary on Bob Dylan's first tour of England in 1965. In the film, Dylan, who came up with the idea, holds up cue cards for the audience, with selected words and phrases from the lyrics.

6.67/103 ratings

Sinéad O'Connor 1995

Sinéad O'Connor laments the Irish Potato Famine in this 1995 video. It shows O'Connor and two others rapping on a street in the rain. The video gives the song dynamism without distracting from its powerful lyrics.

8.25/104 ratings

Dave Matthews Band 1994

What Would You Say features the band performing the song in front of an audience interspersed with various animation scenes. The animations are bizarre and often include themes from pop and surrealist art. This video gave the band its first Grammy nomination.

5.67/103 ratings

Sinéad O'Connor 1994

Sinead O’Connor wrote Fire on Babylon about her childhood with an abusive mother. The video shows both Sinead and a young actress playing Sinead as a girl. Director Michel Gondry uses a fisheye lens and a cramped set to show how cramped the girl is inside the unreal house - where a robotic monster attacks her repeatedly.

7.33/103 ratings

Chris Isaak 1990

Wicked Game was shot in Hawaii and featured supermodel Helena Christensen rolling and frolicking on the beach with Isaak. Christensen was topless, and Isaak was shirtless through most of the video, although clever camera angles concealed any actual nudity. A previous version of the video was commissioned for the Wild at Heart soundtrack and was directed by David Lynch.

6.4/105 ratings

R.E.M. 1991

Losing My Religion begins with a brief sequence inside a dark room where water drips from an open window. A pitcher of milk drops from the windowsill and shatters, and the song begins. Director Tarsem Singh drew inspiration from the Italian painter Caravaggio and Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. The video is laden with religious imagery such as Saint Sebastian and Hindu deities, portrayed in a series of tableau.

8/107 ratings