Maroon 5 2015

Maroon 5 "crashed" several weddings for the making of this video. The grooms knew ahead of time, but they kept it a surprise from most everyone else. The spontaneous reactions are real, making for a fun, joyful video. David Dobkin, who made the Hollywood film Wedding Crashers, also directed this vid.

6.75/104 ratings

Lizzo 2019

The music video for "Juice" was released the same day as the single. The video, directed by Quinn Wilson, features the singer in an '80s-style workout program, late-night talk show, and selling products on an infomercial. It also contains references to Soul Glo commercials and a reference to ASMR YouTuber Spirit Payton.

7.83/106 ratings

Katy Perry Snoop Dogg 2010

California Gurls features Perry as a game piece in Candyfornia, whose settings are inspired in part by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the board game Candy Land. It's most famous for the scene in which Perry defeats an army of gummy bears by using whip cream guns attached to her breasts.

7/104 ratings

Mark Ronson Bruno Mars 2014

The video for Uptown Funk features Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, and The Hooligans singing and dancing through the streets while wearing vintage clothes. They ooze cool and fun, getting perms and shoe shines.

7.57/107 ratings

Jamiroquai 1996

Virtual Insanity features Jay Kay dancing and performing the song in a bright white room with a grey floor. The video earned recognition from critics for its special effects: the floor appears to move while the rest of the room stays still, allowing Kay to perform moves not typically seen in music videos.

9.5/108 ratings