Katy Perry Juicy J 2014

Dark Horse is set in Ancient Egypt and features Perry as Katy Pätra, who is approached by multiple suitors attempting to win her heart, all of whom she turns into dust or otherwise eradicates. Perry dances on a stripper pole during Juicy J's verse.

7.8/105 ratings

Cardi B Megan Thee Stallion 2020

The video shows Cardi and Megan walking through a colorful mansion and showcases different rooms throughout it, with water dripping through various doorways. Cardi and Megan open the video in the mansion hallway, wearing custom Nicolas Jebran dresses, with long trains, opera gloves, and matching updos.

6.75/104 ratings

Wiz Khalifa Charlie Puth 2015

The video ends with the final scene from Furious 7: Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Cody Walker, filling in for his brother, Paul), driving together, pull over in their cars and smile at each other one last time before driving away on separate roads into the sunset. After the camera pans up into the sky, the screen turns white, the words "For Paul" appear on the screen.

6.33/103 ratings

Anderson .Paak 2020

Director David Meyers give Anderson .Paak's protest song an artistic treatment in a video that evokes the work of Agnes Varda, Barry Jenkins, Sinead O'Connor, Prince, and D'Angelo. The video touches on racism and police violence as well as economic injustice and the impact of COVID-19.

7.8/105 ratings

Lizzo 2019

The music video for "Juice" was released the same day as the single. The video, directed by Quinn Wilson, features the singer in an '80s-style workout program, late-night talk show, and selling products on an infomercial. It also contains references to Soul Glo commercials and a reference to ASMR YouTuber Spirit Payton.

7.83/106 ratings

Coolio L.V. 1995

The music video for the song was directed by Antoine Fuqua and featured Michelle Pfeiffer, reprising her earlier role in Dangerous Minds. Initially, Coolio was concerned with the video's treatment stating, "I wanted some low-riders and some shit in it; I was trying to take it 'hood.'" Despite this, he trusted Fuqua and was ultimately pleased with the final result.

8/105 ratings

Salt-N-Pepa En Vogue 1994

Whatta Man features the two groups performing the song. There's dancing; there's singing... there's soaking in the tub. Tupac Shakur and Treach from Naughty by Nature make cameo appearances.

6.5/104 ratings

The Notorious B.I.G. Puff Daddy Mase 1997

Mo Money Mo Problems features Mase and Combs in futuristic locations, including a tunnel lined with fluorescent lamps and a stark white chamber with pressurized air blowing out of the floor, allowing the two to float in midair. The video shows Combs competing in a golf tournament, where he's helped by The Notorious B.I.G's spirit.

9.25/104 ratings

Mariah Carey 1995

Fantasy features Carey as she explores the amusement park on roller blades and rides on a roller coaster, before joining a group of hip hop dancers after nightfall. The video was filmed at Coney Island park in Rye, New York. This was Mariah Carey's directorial debut.

7.2/105 ratings

Tupac Shakur Dr. Dre 1995

California Love was inspired by Max Mad Beyond Thunderdome and features cameo appearances by Tony Cox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Tucker, DJ Quik, Big Syke, Deion Sanders, Danny Boy, Jodeci, B-Legit, and E-40.

8/106 ratings