The Chemical Brothers 2019

The dog-loving video for The Chemical Brothers' We've Got to Try features a stray who is adopted. His human mom cares for him and trains him. Thanks to scientific advances, the dog learns to drive a car and then a rocketship. He sets out to colonize the solar system, creating a life beyond his human masters.

4.33/103 ratings

Jamie xx 2016

A man in white stares deadpan at the camera as it cuts to various locations - a nightclub, the street, an apartment. We learn the video takes place in Paris. It culminates with a circle of people dancing around the man under the Eiffel Tower.

6.67/103 ratings

George Michael 2002

The video begins with a man in his hotel room bathroom, urinating. As the occupant freshens up and as the song builds up to its main dance beat, several people of various ethnic groups also enter the room. The dancers begin to undress and re-dress themselves, all as if they have either just got out of the shower themselves or come home from work.

6.67/103 ratings

Dirty Vegas 2001

Days Go By features two dancers representing one character performing a popping routine, locking, the robot, and breakdancing. The performance tells of a dancer who shows up once a year and dances all day from sunrise to sunset. The video halts abruptly while some of the bystanders interject what they think happened to the love.

7.33/103 ratings

Björk 1993

Human Behaviour features Björk being hunted by a bear in a forest. It is a loose take on the children's tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" with visuals inspired by Yuri Norstein's animated film Hedgehog in the Fog. She ends up being eaten by the bear and trapped in its stomach.

8/104 ratings

Björk 1993

The video for "Big Time Sensuality" was shot in black and white and features Björk dancing on the back of a moving truck, slowly driving through New York City in the middle of the day. The video helped Björk become known in North America, where it received heavy rotation on MTV channels, with many noting that the video was more known in the country than the song.

7/105 ratings

Lady Gaga Ariana Grande 2020

Rain on Me features Gaga and Grande in latex suits in a futuristic setting with a troupe of dancers inside a giant arena during a rainstorm.

8.25/108 ratings

Madonna 2005

Hung Up was filmed at Pineapple Dance Studios, the London Underground and Trocadero Centre, and in Los Angeles, California. Most of the dancers who appeared in the video followed Madonna on tour and appeared in the music video for the follow-up single, "Sorry."

5/103 ratings

Madonna 1990

Vogue was filmed in black and white and recalled the look of 1930s Hollywood films. Some of the close-up poses reenacted noted portraits of such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, and Marlene Dietrich. The video features the dancers and back-up vocalists for Madonna's then-upcoming Blond Ambition Tour. The choreography was set by "Punk Ballerina" Karole Armitage.

8/104 ratings