En Vogue 1990

The music video for En Vogue's song Hold On features the trio in black dresses, dancing, and singing. The backdrop behind them is blank at first, but it moves to various nature scenes. This was director Tarsem Singh's first major music video.

5.5/104 ratings

Janet Jackson 1989

Rhythm Nation is the final part of her long-form Rhythm Nation 1814 film and features rapid choreography within a post-apocalyptic warehouse setting. Jackson and her dancers adorned in black militant attire.

8/105 ratings

Paula Abdul 1989

Opposites Attract features Abdul dancing with cartoon character MC Skat Kat. The idea of MC Skat Kat came from the Gene Kelly film Anchors Aweigh, where Kelly dances with Jerry Mouse from the Tom and Jerry cartoon series.

8.25/108 ratings

Bruno Mars Cardi B 2018

The video pays homage to In Living Color. It was formatted in 4:3. This was done in order to evoke the nostalgia of videos shot in the 1990s without using fake scan lines or VHS fuzz.

6.75/104 ratings

Michael Jackson Janet Jackson 1995

Scream has a heavy sci-fi theme and features clips from the anime Akira. It gained 11 MTV Video Music Award Nominations in 1995, more than any other music video. Guinness World Records listed it as the most expensive music video ever made at the cost of $7 million.

8/107 ratings

En Vogue 1992

En Vogue recorded this anti-racist anthem in response to the police beating of Rodney King and its aftermath. In the video, En Vogue members portray fashion models on a catwalk while they sing.

7.71/107 ratings