Evanescence 2003

Bring Me to Life features Amy Lee climbing up buildings to the apartment where her band members are. Near the end, Amy falls off the ledge, and John LeCompt tries to pull her back up. He loses his grip, and Amy falls, although it was a dream as she slept in her bed.

7.75/104 ratings

Papa Roach 2000

Marcos Siega directed the music video for "Broken Home." Filmed in the middle-class neighborhood of Burbank, California, the video shows Papa Roach performing in a house. This performance is interspersed with clips of a child's life and dysfunctional family, including the mother's substance abuse and the father's rape of her and his infidelity. The video ends with the band destroying various items inside the house.

5.33/103 ratings

Linkin Park 2001

Nathan Cox and Joe Hahn shot most of the video at different stops on Linkin Park's 2001 Ozzfest Tour, then used CGI to put the band in a fantasy setting. Inspired by Princess Mononoke, it includes images inspired by ancient Egypt and medieval gargoyles.

4.25/104 ratings

Korn 1999

Freak on a Leash opens with an animated sequence of children climbing over a chain-link fence to play hopscotch. A guard runs as he sees one girl near the edge when he trips and the gun he is holding fires. The bullet breaks out of the animated world into the real world as it destroys things while narrowly avoiding hitting people.

8.29/107 ratings