My Chemical Romance 2009

Welcome to the Black Parade features Lukas Haas as "The Patient" dressed in a hospital gown and being taken by death in the form of a "Black Parade" along with "Fear," "Regret," and "Mother War." They go from a hospital to a surreal cityscape, with ash-covered wreckage, black snow, and destroyed buildings. The band is on the main float playing the song with masked figures walking behind them.

8.2/105 ratings

Fall Out Boy 2005

The music video for "Sugar, We're Goin Down" (directed by Matt Lenski) follows the persecution and subsequent redemption of a boy with antlers. The video establishes the life of a socially outcast boy with antlers and his feelings for a neighborhood girl.

5.67/103 ratings

Green Day 2004

American Idiot features the band playing in a warehouse against a green American flag. In the middle of the video, the band is seen playing at different speeds. During the bridge, the stripes of the flag melt onto the floor. The band is then sprayed with a green liquid from amplifiers next to the flag. In the end, the band drops their instruments and leaves.

7.2/105 ratings

Panic! at the Disco 2006

The band's first music video was an immediate winner. It tells the story of a wedding held at a circus. The bride's family sleeps through the ceremony, while the groom's family are circus folk. A fight breaks out, disrupting the wedding. Lead singer Brendon Urie stars are the ringmaster.

8.2/105 ratings

Blink-182 1999

All the Small Things parodies various pop videos produced by several artists such as the Backstreet Boys ("I Want It That Way"), 'N Sync ("Tearin' Up My Heart"), 98 Degrees, Sugar Ray, Britney Spears ("Sometimes"), Westlife, Christina Aguilera ("Genie in a Bottle"), Ricky Martin and Five.

7.67/106 ratings

Foo Fighters 1996

Big Me parodies Mentos advertisements, turning them into commercials for "Footos." "We had some difficulty finding a treatment that would suit the song, which is this short, tongue-in-cheek, ridiculously candy-coated pop tune. We didn't want to make this big, pretentious portrait video. We wanted to make fun of ourselves and the song," David Grohl explained.

5.5/104 ratings

Green Day 1994

Basket Case was shot in an actual mental institution called Agnews Developmental Center in Santa Clara County, California. The mental institution was abandoned, but most of the structure remained in a broken-down state. The music video was shot in black and white, and the color was added later, contributing to the video's surreal effect.

7.75/104 ratings