Harry Styles 2019

Throughout the video for Adore You, Harry Styles' anguish is eased by the fish, as he cares for it and carries it as a companion around the town. Throughout the video, the fish rapidly grows larger and has to be placed from small kettles to transparent backpacks and eventually in a big tank, supported on wagon wheels

6/103 ratings

Britney Spears 1998

The video begins with Spears appearing bored in class at a Catholic high school. When the bell rings, Spears runs out into the hall and begins a choreographed dance. She dances in different outfits inside and outside the school. The video ends revealing the whole thing was Spears' daydream.

8.2/105 ratings

Maroon 5 Cardi B 2018

The video follows Adam Levine, alone with a microphone in the center of a room, with the band playing instruments in the background, then a rotating assortment of women dancing and lip-syncing around him. Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Tiffany Haddish, Ilhan Omar, and Jennifer Lopez are among the women who make cameos.

7/105 ratings

Christina Aguilera 2002

Beautiful opens with Aguilera speaking the line "Don't look at me," followed by scenes of her singing alone in a room intercut with self image-related sequences of other people. One scene features a gay couple kissing on a bench and ignoring the stares of people who pass them. Another scene shows a drag queen putting on makeup, a wig, and women's clothing.

8.55/1011 ratings

George Michael 1990

Freedom '90 features many supermodels, including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford, and male models John Pearson, Mario Sorrenti, and Peter Formby to mouth the words. Michael refused to appear in the music video. Still, the video shows the destruction of various symbols of Michael's past, including the famous guitar, jukebox, and leather jacket of the Faith era.

7/102 ratings

Céline Dion 1996
The video opens with a man dying in an explosive motorcycle crash after lightning strikes a tree down in his path. Dion's character is haunted by her lover's image, which she sees through a mirror, and images of them together through picture frames. Dion is seen running alone through a dark, gothic mansion, with the wind blowing through the open windows.

6.2/105 ratings

Tove Lo 2019

The entire song takes place as a phone conversation. Tove Lo pours her heart out to her friend while walking through the city, desert, mountains, and a ship. She eventually finds herself in prison, still talking. She talks still during her daring jailbreak.

5.67/103 ratings

Jain 2016

From crates being packed on top of each other to simulate the beat and volume and Jain, herself painting the lines on a zebra, the music video is filled with artsy illusions. Greg & Lio (Lionel Hirlé and Gregory Ohrel) shot the video in South Africa.

6.67/103 ratings

Coldplay 2016

The video consists of over-layered visuals and has the band playing the song in various landscapes and locations. One of the sites used is the Croatian mountain range of Biokovo, upon which Chris Martin appears to be seated. The music video makes extensive use of impossible imagery, including a scene where dolphins swim in a sea situated underneath an inverted landmass

8.33/103 ratings

CeeLo Green 2010

Taking place in a diner, the video chronicles Cee Lo's misadventures with a girl he has a crush on, known as "The Heartbreaker," throughout the video. Some parts of the "clean edit" video tend to freeze for a split second when a bowdlerized lyric is mouthed to prevent the lips from being read.

7.4/105 ratings