Madonna 1984

In this video, Madonna is a colorful street girl, toying with one of the boys. A photographer is interested in her, and she lets him take pictures while she sipped champagne. However, Madonna quickly gets bored and tries to win back the heart of her boyfriend.

6.75/104 ratings

Michael Jackson 1983

Bille Jean loosely followed the song's narrative. It features Jackson as a lonely, elusive figure walking the streets while the ground glowed wherever he stepped, suggesting Jackson's stardom and fame. A trenchcoated "stalker," possibly a journalist, pursues Jackson, supposedly to get the scoop on the titular love-interest, missing his opportunity when Jackson seemingly vanishes beneath glowing bedsheets with his never-seen mystery lover.

7.75/104 ratings

Snoop Dogg 2007

The video features Snoop in retro eighties outfits holding a keytar while using a talkbox and includes direct homages to Prince's "When Doves Cry" video. It also features him in a retro seventies outfit dancing in a colored background.

6.33/103 ratings

Whitney Houston 1987

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) is begins with Houston just finishing a performance onstage. She walks backstage, and the scene is intercut with more vivid, colorful images of her. The song then explodes into its beginning, with various locations and various outfits by Houston, as dancers trying to impress her as she dances around. The music video borrows from Flashdance, Grease, and Top Hat.

8.25/104 ratings

Michael Jackson 1983

Michael Jackson's iconic video is one of the most well-known videos of the 80's. Directed by John Landis, who made An American Werewolf in London, the video references numerous horror movies and features Jackson dancing with zombies. It's a cultural landmark and was the first music video added to the National Film Registry.

9.27/1011 ratings