Queen 1975

The video's opening scene is one of the most memorable in music history and is the first thing most people picture when they think of the band. It took only four hours to film the video and five to edit it - it was shipped to BBC for air that same week.

8/107 ratings

Roger Waters 1992

The video for What God Wants features gorillas watching TV, CGI and stop motion animation of a frog skeleton picking at a piece of cheese on a mousetrap, only to be subdued by electrical wiring and fused with the cheese to create a small television set.

4.33/103 ratings

30 Seconds to Mars 2009

Jared Leto directed this music video, using a pseudonym. It follows a mob of people riding bicycles through Southern California. The high-concept, high-budget video includes homages to Banksy and the 1979 film The Warriors.

8/103 ratings

Queensrÿche 1991

Queensrÿche's iconic power ballad came with an equally iconic video. It tells the story of a child's dream. Instead of making the obvious choice to render the mind's dream world, it stays on the outside and lets the lyrics shine.

6.67/103 ratings