Billie Eilish Rosalía 2021

The music video for Lo Vas a Olvidar features Rosalía and Billie Eilish in separate parts of a dark, windy room with a sand-covered floor. A single spotlight allows enough light for us to see the performers expressively sing and dance, enacting the pain of a breakup.

8/101 rating

En Vogue 1990

The music video for En Vogue's song Hold On features the trio in black dresses, dancing, and singing. The backdrop behind them is blank at first, but it moves to various nature scenes. This was director Tarsem Singh's first major music video.

5.5/104 ratings

Beyoncé Wizkid Saint Jhn Blue Ivy Carter 2020

The video acts as a celebration and affirmation of the beauty of dark skin. It depicts a black debutante ball (a tradition in African-American communities in the Southern United States) and showcases various black and brown girls and women. Beyoncé included it in Black Is King, a visual album and film based on the music of The Lion King: The Gift.

7.2/105 ratings

Michael Jackson 1983

Bille Jean loosely followed the song's narrative. It features Jackson as a lonely, elusive figure walking the streets while the ground glowed wherever he stepped, suggesting Jackson's stardom and fame. A trenchcoated "stalker," possibly a journalist, pursues Jackson, supposedly to get the scoop on the titular love-interest, missing his opportunity when Jackson seemingly vanishes beneath glowing bedsheets with his never-seen mystery lover.

7.75/104 ratings

Christina Aguilera 1999

Genie in a Bottle begins with Aguilera lying on a beach, wearing a white midriff and tiny shorts. The video suddenly breaks into a dance scene. Aguilera's friends in the music video come over to her house, where they meet up with a group of guys driving a red Chevrolet. The music video ends with a guy chasing after Aguilera, and together they sit with a group of friends while a bonfire is lit.

8.67/106 ratings

Snoop Dogg 2007

The video features Snoop in retro eighties outfits holding a keytar while using a talkbox and includes direct homages to Prince's "When Doves Cry" video. It also features him in a retro seventies outfit dancing in a colored background.

6.33/103 ratings

Aaliyah Timbaland 2001

The video opens with Aaliyah sitting in a dark room in a black dress and also appearing on a TV screen performing the first verse. For part of the video she wears on a glass bed. Later, she wears a snake around her neck in a pit, wearing snakeskin underwear. Aaliyah performs a dance routine with other dancers during Timbaland's verse, wearing a dragon T-shirt.

6/102 ratings

Salt-N-Pepa En Vogue 1994

Whatta Man features the two groups performing the song. There's dancing; there's singing... there's soaking in the tub. Tupac Shakur and Treach from Naughty by Nature make cameo appearances.

6.5/104 ratings

Mariah Carey 1995

Fantasy features Carey as she explores the amusement park on roller blades and rides on a roller coaster, before joining a group of hip hop dancers after nightfall. The video was filmed at Coney Island park in Rye, New York. This was Mariah Carey's directorial debut.

7.2/105 ratings

Christina Aguilera 2002

Beautiful opens with Aguilera speaking the line "Don't look at me," followed by scenes of her singing alone in a room intercut with self image-related sequences of other people. One scene features a gay couple kissing on a bench and ignoring the stares of people who pass them. Another scene shows a drag queen putting on makeup, a wig, and women's clothing.

8.55/1011 ratings