the Weeknd 2021

In the visual, the Weeknd continues the established narrative of the previous After Hours music videos (and his 2020 AMA performance), with him in the clip unconventionally performing at a masquerade party after his character received plastic surgery. The video was directed by Cliqua and was notable for Tesfaye's usage of a new sparkling red suit and botox prosthetic.

6/103 ratings

Lady Gaga 2020

911 features Gaga involved in a car-bicycle accident where she hallucinates various people and objects as she nearly dies before the paramedics shock her back to life. The imagery from the fantasy world appears as billboards on the street along with the people surrounding her. It was director Tarsem Singh's first video and took its look from the 1969 Armenian film The Color of Pomegranates.

5.33/103 ratings

Capital Cities 2013

The third and most well-known video for the song was directed by Grady Hall and released in 2013. The video is set in the Los Angeles Theatre and depicts Capital Cities performing on stage as dancers of all types (1940s swing dancers, 1970s roller disco skaters, 1990s hip-hop dancers, etc.) emerge from pictures on the wall and film clips from different periods in the theater's history come to life and compete in dance-offs.

6.33/103 ratings

Foster the People 2011

The band is filming a music video in the studio when a lighting rig falls on them. A paramedic arrives and declares them dead. The video director is devastated. A crew member calls someone he knows, a fixer, to help.

5.67/103 ratings

Depeche Mode 2009

The video depicts a Ford Crown Victoria rolling backward down a Los Angeles downtown street, seemingly with no driver at the wheel. A shot inside the car reveals a man in a latex mask lying unconscious in the front seat, played by Liars drummer Julian Gross.

7/103 ratings

Pet Shop Boys 1993

Go West features computer-generated imagery showing communist domination has taken over America. Duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe appear throughout the video with Tennant carrying a blue-and-yellow striped arrow staff, Lowe traveling on a flying surfboard. They appear in their costumes walking across Red Square. The song is a cover of the 1979 Village People original.

7/103 ratings

Band Aid 1984

Do They Know It's Christmas? was written by Geldof and Ure after Geldof had seen a BBC report by Michael Buerk highlighting the famine of Ethiopia and wanted to raise money. Musicians who took part in the charity video include Bananarama, Bono, Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Kool & the Gang, and Sting.

5.75/104 ratings

Duran Duran 1982

Hungry Like the Wolf features shots of jungles, rivers, elephants, cafes, and marketplaces, evoking the atmosphere of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was released together with Girls on Film in 1983, and won the first-ever Grammy Award for Music Video of the Year.

7.5/104 ratings

Duran Duran 1983

Girls on Film, which features topless women mud wrestling and other sexual fetishes, was filmed just two weeks after MTV launched in the United States. It was released together with Hungry Like the Wolf in 1983, and won the first-ever Grammy Award for Music Video of the Year.

4/103 ratings