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2020        Lady Gaga

5.33/103 ratings

directed by:
Tarsem Singh

911 features Gaga involved in a car-bicycle accident where she hallucinates various people and objects as she nearly dies before the paramedics shock her back to life. The imagery from the fantasy world appears as billboards on the street along with the people surrounding her. It was director Tarsem Singh's first video and took its look from the 1969 Armenian film The Color of Pomegranates.


Euro disco

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Critics’ Takes:

“Lady Gaga is back to being her fully indecipherable self in her new music video […] with an instantly iconic cast of characters and a twist that demands hours of rewatching and theorizing.” – Justin Curto, Vulture

“The pop star goes to great lengths to make her music videos original, and this morning she raised the bar with the surprise release of ‘911,’ a Tarsem Singh directed mini-film chock full of arresting imagery. With nods to art-house classics like Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2, and Sergei Parajanov’s The Color of Pomegranates, the clip is Gaga at her most surreal.” – Janelle Okwodu, Vogue

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