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Bad Romance

2009        Lady Gaga

8.75/108 ratings

directed by:
Francis Lawrence

Bad Romance features Gaga inside a surreal white bathhouse where she gets kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her and sell her to the Russian mafia for sexual slavery. The music video ends with Gaga killing the man who bought her.



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Critics’ Takes:

“”But honestly this video is AHHHHHMAZING. There are more wardrobe changes than a Mariah Carey-episode of Cribs. The choreography incorporates elements of “Thriller” and the Twist(!). And I don’t think Gaga has ever looked prettier than in the close-ups where she’s more stripped down.” – Tim Stack, Entertainment Weekly

“Featuring a wide-eyed, non-so-innocent Gaga taken hostage by vodka-wielding models, as well as some twitchy, “Thriller”-like dance moves, a creepy cat, a dead polar bear and a corpse, the video for “Bad Romance” turns a retro dance song into something far more grand. And did we mention the creepy cat?” – Todd Martens, The L.A. Times

“Oh, decadence: so 1999. Let’s welcome its brief return in this big-budget, fetishistic vision — which also serves as an important reminder that mind-bogglingly absurd outfits happen everywhere, not just in Japan.” – Phoebe Reilly, Spin

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