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Billie Jean

1983        Michael Jackson

7.75/104 ratings

directed by:
Steve Barron

Bille Jean loosely followed the song's narrative. It features Jackson as a lonely, elusive figure walking the streets while the ground glowed wherever he stepped, suggesting Jackson's stardom and fame. A trenchcoated "stalker," possibly a journalist, pursues Jackson, supposedly to get the scoop on the titular love-interest, missing his opportunity when Jackson seemingly vanishes beneath glowing bedsheets with his never-seen mystery lover.



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Critics’ Takes:

“Those video images have lodged permanently in the cultural memory.” – Blender

“While the video helped make Jackson an international superstar, pop iconic and fashion trendsetter (leather suit), the biggest influence that this innovative visual had was that it essentially opened the door for black artists to be played regularly on MTV.” – Jeff Mezydlo, Yardbarker

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